Connectivity Troubleshooting

I'm trying to connect to my Redis instance using `redis-cli`, but I keep getting: "Could not connect to Redis at Connection refused"

This error tells us that you're trying to connect to a local ( Redis instance on port 6379, but there isn't a server listening there.

If you're trying to test against a local Redis server, the problem is probably just that you haven't started the server yet. Running `redis-server` in a dedicated terminal window will start a local test server.

If you're trying to connect to a remote server like RedisGreen, you'll need to specify the complete address of your server, like this:

redis-cli -h -p 5033 -a ABCDEFG

This says: "connect to host '', on port '5033', with password 'ABCDEFG'." If you're using RedisGreen, you can copy and paste the full `redis-cli` invocation line by clicking the *Connect* button on your dashboard. If you use RedisGreen through Heroku, you can also access the CLI directly by installing the Heroku Redisgreen plugin.

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